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Where the Lovely Things Are

Who is the loveliest of them all? Why, Where the Lovely Things Are, of course. Just visiting this blog puts the viewer into another state of mind — a serene, beautiful place that is a blending of modernity and a Victorian romance novel. Every day, blogger Mallory McInnis writes about art, craft, fashion and design. She has sectioned off her posts into categories, such as: “(I Heart) Art,” where she features an artist and their work; “Mary Poppins Pick,” a daily posting about something that “practically perfect,” “the cream of the crop” and “the tip of the top,” as they say in the movie; and “Etsy and a Movie,” where she picks a movie and compiles a list of items found on the website Etsy that relate to the movie. There are plenty of links back to Etsy, boutiques and artists’ websites so you can purchase perfect summer sundresses, watercolor paintings or a teacup with woman’s flailing legs as the handle. Visit Where the Lovely Things Are and make your day a lot lovelier.

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