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Photo school lists 25 how-to books in digital photography

For those bewildered by the avalanche of photography books floating around on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, the Digital Photography School has created a list featuring the top 25 books for photographers of all levels of expertise. Though the list is titled “25 Digital Photography Books for Christmas,” these books are practical how-to guides for anyone at any time of the year.

A few notable selections include  “The Photographer’s Eye,” which teaches readers not how to master their camera but how to take charge of their compositions. Even though the list offers only generalized descriptions of each book, the wide range of selections is indispensable to those looking for an informative read. Take  “Wedding Photography Unveiled,” a guide for beginner photographers that compiles the techniques and practices of twenty professional wedding photographers. Another interesting selection is  “The Perfect Portrait Guide,” which covers everything from working with models to taking shots of an entire family.


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