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Fashion Under $100

Imagine yourself standing outside the window of a boutique, wistfully looking at the gorgeous $300 heels mocking you from the display. Rather than forego more essential goods like groceries, feed your fashion cravings by visiting Fashion Under $100 before you drop the big bucks while shopping. The blog is a must for all “recessionistas” looking to save a pretty penny. It features photos of fashionable celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz and Scarlett Johansson, all clad in expensive designer outfits. For contrast, the 30-something Philadelphia editor behind the blog displays nearly identical clothing, accessories and shoes next to the celebs — always totaling less than $100. Links to purchase the items, which are from such mainstream stores as Forever 21 and Old Navy, are located in the posts. The blogger also accepts “Reader Requests,” where you can discuss a fashion dilemma or send in a photo of your favorite celeb in a gotta-have-it outfit, and she will scour the Internet looking for a deal to make you look and feel fabulous.


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