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A more appropriate name for this blog should perhaps be “Expanding your Style Bubble.” It extensively covers all elements of fashion, including dresses, shoes, sunglasses, design — even edible neckwear that any passer-by would swear is lace. Blogger Susie Bubble displays exquisite yet fresh and young attire, featuring new and upcoming designers in her posts. She sits in on fashion shows and occasionally poses in enviable fun, chic clothes. An essential blogroll for fashion fans is located on Style Bubble, linking to “fashion online bibles” from England, France, Germany, both coasts of the U.S., Australia, Turkey and Thailand. Bubble writes in a fluid way that shows off her fashion chops, but is completely unobtrusive and not overwhelming for non-fashion-savvy readers. She is just a young woman who sincerely loves fashion and has a keen eye for it. Alluding to the Coco Chanel quote that adorns the top of her blog, she finds the beauty of fashion in everything — even when she is donning a dress that is a replica of an Air Mail envelope.

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