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Social networking is fun and easy, but there is also the risk of rejection. Recall the hesitation when you hovered over the “add” button on the MySpace page of someone you vaguely knew. You know how seeing “pending friend request” on Facebook is like sitting in purgatory. These potential snubs seem minor next to those of Twitter. You’re following someone who isn’t following you? And they’re not famous? You’re basically a stalker. It can be difficult to keep up with who is not reciprocating the love, and Friend or Follow does exactly that. It shows who on your friend list is following you back, those suckers who are your “fans” and, juiciest of all, those who are not following you back. I also like typing in friends’ Twitter IDs and seeing who has the upper hand on them. You are just one click away from raising hell and getting yourself some more followers (or possibly appearing more like a stalker). Even if you don’t act on your findings, Friend or Follow is a must for the serious tweeter.

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