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Twitter How-to: Utilize links

To take your Twitter use to the next level, graduate beyond mere text and work those 140 characters to the max with hyperlinks in your tweets. The great thing about links on Twitter is that they can serve multiple purposes. If you’re a blogger, link to your blog from time to time to promote some of your posts. Link to other twitterers that you think people will enjoy. If you’re tweeting for business, link to your company website or other sites that mention your company/product. Just be sure not to go overboard with your personal site links — people will get annoyed at your excessive self-promotion. Mix it up and keep it diverse. But if you’re going to go link-happy, make sure you do it right. In order to conserve valuable characters, shorten your link URLs. To do this, use any of the URL-shortening tools out there (see our list of these, under the URL Shorteners category of the Twitter 100), which take any URL and give you a much shorter version for easy linking. The linking process is seamless and painless.

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