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It doesn’t matter if you’re a new twitterer or a seasoned pro; everyone could use a Twitter pointer every now and then. TwiTip is the latest blog from Darren Rowse, the expert behind ProBlogger, and it dispenses Twitter-related knowledge from Rowse and other Twitter experts who are teeming with useful ideas. You’ll find some articles on the basics of using Twitter, but the great thing about TwiTip is that it’s not just about how to use Twitter, but how to use Twitter well. Posts like “7 Uncommon Uses for Twitter” take the Twitter experience to the next level, giving readers ideas on how to enrich their experiences beyond simply updating their friends about their lives. It’s not just lists, though; there are plenty of how-tos, reviews and in-depth articles to satisfy the hunger of even the most well-read twitterer. If any website is dedicated to the limitless potential of Twitter, it’s TwiTip.

Visit TwiTip.

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