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You’ve got something to say, and you want the whole world to know it. Step one: Start a blog. Step two: Subscribe to twitterfeed. The twitterfeed application can help attract the perceptive eyes of other Twitter users to your site. It allows you to feed your blog to Twitter, as well as other microblogging platforms like, HelloTxt or To get started, log into the website using your OpenID, which is the same username as the one you use on Blogger, Flickr, AOL, LiveJournal or Google, to name a few. You then must input your blog’s RSS feed URL and select the frequency of your posts, whether it is one post every 24 hours or five posts every 30 minutes. A FAQ section on the twitterfeed site tries to help out users who encounter some problems transferring, or parsing, blog feeds to Twitter. You want to get your message out? Then consider using twitterfeed as a tool.

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