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On Twitter: Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is social media’s biggest fan. As president of New Marketing Labs, he promotes and encourages businesses to implement social media such as Facebook and Twitter to boost their company’s face value and reach out to their public. Brogan has blogged since 1998 — when it was apparently called “journaling” — and his site is ranked in Technorati’s Top 100 blogs. On Twitter, he follows and is followed by tens of thousands. His page attests to the fact that he is following so many, because nearly all his tweets are in reply to someone else about every five minutes. When not replying to others, he links to sites that cover topics such as blogging software applications, Twitter-centered articles, social networking conferences and countless other finds to satisfy your techie sweet tooth. Though the sheer amount of Brogan’s tweets can get somewhat exhaustive, he gets his point across: In order to become your own brand in today’s highly competitive marketplace, you must create a name for yourself and build digital relationships.

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