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“Twitter for Dummies”

Twitter for DummiesTrue to form, “Twitter for Dummies” takes you through the nuts and bolts of learning how to use Twitter. And that means starting at the very, very beginning, as if you were, well, sorta dumb. That’s the signature approach of the Dummies books, after all, and it works; plenty of people still have no idea what Twitter is, even if they’ve hear the term a zillion times. Particularly useful for newbies will be a section of the first chapter with this label: “Stroll Around the Grounds: A Tour of the Twitter Interface.” But don’t be fooled. The book isn’t just for people who have no idea what a tweet is. Later sections of the book do an admirable job of tackling topics like “Tricks of the Twitter Gurus,” “Twitter Minus,” “Twitter for Business,” and “Ten Twitter Tools.” In “Twitter for Dummies,” authors Laura Fitton, Michael Gruen, and Leslie Poston have crafted a well-written and (dare we say it, for a book with “dummies” in the title?) smart book about Twitter and social media.

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