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New top 100 list: Twitter 100

We’ve got a new top 100 list, and it’s one of our best yet—the Twitter 100.

The list is a guide to Twitter, for everyone from newbies looking to make sense of the Twitter phenomenon to Twitter regulars hoping to find the best tools and techniques for managing their Twitter obsessions.

You’re looking for the best books about Twitter? We’ve got a Twitter 100 category listing just that: Books and Ebooks. You’re wondering about the best URL shortening services? We’ve got a category for that, too. Other categories include Desktop Applications and Tools, Tutorials and Tips, Twitter Lingo, and even Twitter Parody Videos. The list is fun, it’s useful, and we’ll be adding new tips and tools as Twitter changes and evolves. Which, Twitter being Twitter, it’s doing all the time.

Much of the credit for the list goes to writer and editor Matt Sevits, whose ideas and know-how really guided the list’s creation.

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