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A source for everything related to the branch of food science known as molecular gastronomy, recently made popular by such chefs as Heston Blumenthal, Khymos not only explains the complex process but also includes unorthodox recipes (caramelized cauliflower) and flavor pairings (banana and parsley). In the world of molecular gastronomy, even cooking something as simple as a boiled egg requires a complex mathematical equation to ensure the perfect water temperature and yolk consistency. Meticulously maintained by a Norwegian scientist who holds a Ph.D. in something called organometallic chemistry, Khymos aims to make molecular gastronomy, or the “scientific study of deliciousness,” accessible to even the most elementary of food enthusiasts. Khymos has helpfully included links to organizations dedicated to furthering the scientific study of food, as well as information on the related molecular mixology, which examines the chemistry and science behind wine and liquor. A visit to Khymos will ensure that you’ll never see food quite the same away again.

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