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When Jamie Oliver burst onto television screens across the U.K. and the U.S. as the “Naked Chef” (referring to his clean and simple attitude toward cooking, not a lack of clothing), he made cooking accessible to even the most amateur of chefs. That was in 1999; since then, Oliver has opened restaurants, written cookbooks, and even created a magazine bearing his name. He has hosted other television shows, including the popular “School Dinners” series, in which he attempted to improve cafeteria food in Britain’s schools — all without losing his lad-around-town appeal. is a fantastic place to get to know Oliver’s simple take on cooking, from an incredible database of recipes to his advice on cooking equipment. His diary on the site is frequently updated with the latest cooking news and where to catch him in action next. The best part of by far is the Foodwise section, an online encyclopedia where users contribute food advice from personal experience — almost like a food-based Wikipedia. Jamie Oliver’s easy, everyday approach makes cooking far less intimidating for beginners and experts alike.

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