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The Zagat Survey has long been among the world’s leading reviewers of fine dining, hotels, and nightlife. As the survey’s digital home, Zagat offers free and paid members access to reviews, menus, photos, and online reservations for “places to eat, drink, stay and play” in cities all over the world. One particularly useful aspect of the site is the location-specific discussion boards, where users chime in on everything any foodie has ever wondered about, from the best hot dogs in the city to whether checking your coat is worth it. Information and reviews on individual establishments are also well organized by categories like Vibe/Atmosphere and Special Features, a simple, at-a-glance method for users to figure out whether a restaurant is suitable or not. Don’t forget to check out the Buzz News on particular cities, where Zagat editors offer the latest happenings in that city’s culinary scene, in a more colloquial, blog-like atmosphere. Becoming a user of Zagat will ensure that you’ll never be left out of the foodie loop again!

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