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Time to lay your food consumption cards on the Sustainable Table. The site wants us to be aware of where our food comes from, and it provides information about companies that create sustainable products, as well as where these companies are located in the United States and Canada. A section called The Issues walks you through the ABC’s of why the sustainable movement is important and what the movement’s concerns are. The award-winning “Meatrix” films, parodies of the “Matrix” trilogy, help to explain these issues. The cartoons’ stars — Leo (a pig), Moofious (a cow), and Chickadee (a hen) — explore the dangers of factory farms as opposed to family farms in a way that is both understandable and enjoyable. Sustainable Table is passionate about its cause, but not preachy. The Daily Table blog has articles and suggestions for those involved in the sustainable food movement, while recipes, shopping guides, and locations of local educational centers provide support for novices. Pull up a chair at the Sustainable Table and get ready to dig in!

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