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Mike Bloomberg: Money, Power, PoliticsMike Bloomberg is the richest man in all of New York City, with an estimated wealth of $20 billion. He spent $250 million on campaign funds to protect his seat as mayor of one of the most diverse and powerful cities in the world. He has become, in short, a larger-than-life figure, a central point in Joyce Purnick’s new book, “Mike Bloomberg: Money, Power, Politics” (PublicAffairs). Purnick, a reporter for the New York Times, traces Bloomberg’s rise to fame and wealth, from his childhood in the suburbs of Boston to the thrilling momentum he gained working on Wall Street. Kirkus Reviews says that the book will be “of interest to students of Gotham politics”:

The author’s careful account of [Bloomberg’s term limit] victory—a worthy case study for anyone seeking ways to game a system designed to protect voters from anti-democratic dynasties—is worth the price of the book.

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