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59Twitter How-to: Customize Twitter settings

To get the most out of Twitter and have the most enjoyable experience, play around with the site’s various settings.

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If you’re not using Twitter to its full potential, TwiTip can get you up to speed and give you the upper hand.

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If you’re perplexed by all the lingo being used on Twitter, refer to the handy, user-created reference tool twictionary.

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74Twitter How-to: Use favorites

Keep track of your favorite tweets by marking them as favorites and saving them in a safe place for later.

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76How to Use Twitter: Tips for Bloggers

This handy guide helps bloggers make the most of their Twitter accounts in order to promote and enhance their blogs.

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83Twitter How-to: Utilize Twitter’s RSS feeds

Keep track of your friends’ updates outside of the Twitter website with automatically-updating RSS feeds.

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95Twitter How-to: Use Twitter commands

Couple your on-the-go lifestyle with easy text commands that let you control Twitter from anywhere.

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