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Compare and contrast: 5 reviews of the Kindle Fire

So you’re thinking about buying a Kindle Fire, but you’re not quite sure if it’s the right tablet computer for what you want? Here are some reviews to help you decide.

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Looking for free content for your Kindle? Delivereads delivers with quality curated content

Amazon likes to brag that you can read all the newspapers and magazines you want, wirelessly, from the comfort of your Kindle. Unfortunately, the costs associated with subscribing to these publications may be a little too steep for some. Enter Delivereads, which delivers free, high-quality content to your Kindle.

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Will the Amazon tablet be cheaper than the iPad?

That seems likely, especially because the Amazon tablet probably won’t have a camera. Amazon plans to release the tablet in the fall, according to reports, and will view it, in part, as a way to allow people to buy (and rent) Amazon content on its own device.

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Kindle tops David Pogue’s holiday gift list

David Pogue, the technology columnist for The New York Times, has a gift guide for 2010, with Amazon’s Kindle topping the list.

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Amazon lets you give Kindle books as gifts

You can now give Kindle books as gifts at Amazon.

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Don’t judge an e-book by its cover(price)

Amazon’s wildly popular Kindle e-book reader took the digital publishing world by storm when it was released in 2007, but not everyone could afford the hefty pricetag — especially for a little machine to read digital books.

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E-books, the iPad, and a new era for self-publishing

Writers used to query literary agents and send books to traditional publishers in the hopes of making a name for themselves in the literary world.

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On Twitter: Amazon MP3

Want to learn the latest on the music scene—and music deals? Amazon keeps you updated on the latest MP3 deals via daily Twitter updates.

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6 reasons to ditch iTunes and buy tunes from Amazon

Ever since it debuted in 2007 with the idea that it was an “iTunes killer,” Amazon’s MP3 store has been a point of contention among audiophiles and digital consumers alike.

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