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5 great Android apps for killing time

If smartphones are good for anything, it’s wasting time. Whether you’re waiting in line at the doctor’s office or avoiding an awkward situation on public transit, it’s always a good idea to have a few mind-numbing and entertaining apps loaded up on your Android device.

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Will Google’s App Inventor help or hinder Android?

Google recently unveiled its latest attempt to open up the Web to everyone: It’s App Inventor, a visual app creator that lets anyone, regardless of programming knowledge, create apps for Google’s Android mobile operating system.

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5 best places to get iPhone app reviews

Take a look at iTunes and it won’t be hard to figure out the most-downloaded apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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4 best places to get Android app reviews

If you’re an Android user, the chances are pretty good that you’ve wasted some valuable time (and maybe money) on useless or deceiving apps in the Android Market.

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Are mobile apps devaluing software?

When iTunes came along and brought the $.99 music download with it, people (namely musicians and record execs) complained that such low prices, while arguably necessary to keep people buying music, were detrimental to the music industry.

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If you’re looking for tons of features and ease-of-use on the iPhone, you’re going to have to throw down a couple bucks.

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Who needs an iPhone when you can get all the features of Twitter on the Blackberry that never leaves your hand?

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Twitter API: Up and Running

“Twitter API: Up and Running”

If you’ve always wanted to make a Twitter app but didn’t know how, check out this handy manual.

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Tweet Trends

This trend-tracking iPhone app helps you stay up-to-date with all the most popular topics among your friends and Twitter as a whole.

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Design snobs will revel in this sleek and shiny iPhone and iPod Touch app that’s full of handy Twitter features.

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