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The Paris Review launches blog

The Paris Review, one of the leading literary magazines in the world, has launched a brand new blog, thanks to the efforts of editor Lorin Stein.

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The Glass Room. Simon Mawer

“The Glass Room”

“The Glass Room” traces the history of a home and how it survives the ruin and chaos of dissolved families, wartime possession, and new inhabitants.

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How It Ended: New and Collected Stories

“How It Ended”

“How It Ended” brings together three decades of short stories, representing the breadth of Jay McInerney’s career.

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Sag Harbor: A Novel

“Sag Harbor”

Colson Whitehead’s semi-autobiographical novel features a boy named Benji and his family’s summer in the Hamptons.

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Drift: Stories


“Drift” forces us headfirst into the minds of various people whose lives are as stable as the waves crashing into the California coast.

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Eight White Nights: A Novel

“Eight White Nights”

Guy and girl meet. Guy and girl fall in love. It’s a familiar story, made unique by the Proustian prose of Andre Aciman’s novel “Eight White Nights.”

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The Believers: A Novel

“The Believers”

In “The Believers,” a controversial attorney defends an alleged Muslim terrorist in court before falling into a coma, bringing out the best and worst in his manic-depressive family.

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Only 192 pages, “Tinkers” overflows with electric language that captures the state of mind of George Washington Crosby, a dying man who is haunted by memories of his father.

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The Imperfectionists: A Novel

“The Imperfectionists”

Tom Rachman’s debut novel, about a bunch of foreign correspondents in Rome, makes a splash in the literary scene.

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New Yorker names 20 writers under 40

Inspiring both awe and envy, The New Yorker’s “20 under 40” list has finally been released, after months of media speculation and scrutiny.

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