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Everyone knows it from the commercials. The joyful “Yahooooo!” Well, seeing the substance behind that holler, it’s easy to see why the yeller is so overjoyed. Yahoo is not only a smart, data-driven and immensely popular search engine, it’s a website for the information junkie in us all. There’s news on sports and the marketplace; there’s up-to-date hilarious videos and easy-to-use email accounts; and, of course, there’s the irreplaceable Yahoo Answers, where one posts a question to a board and people around the world can answer (like “What’s the most important must-have car accessory”); even if you don’t particularly care what the answer is, it’s always amusing (and sometimes rather educational) to see what other people post. Can’t tame those cowlicks in your hair? There’s an answer for that on Yahoo, too. What’s one of the web’s most useful sites? Ah, but you’ve probably guessed that one by now.

Visit Yahoo.


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