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Sometimes you want a discount shop, with cheap stuff, even if it means you’re going to buy junk. If that’s the case, Crutchfield isn’t for you. Crutchfield isn’t about product discounts, so if you’re looking for the lowest price on your electronics, pay a visit to Chinatown. But what Crutchfield lacks in super-low prices, they more than make up in exceptional customer service. Whether you’re trying to track down the perfect car stereo, attempting to install your A/V gear, or deciding how big to go when you’re buying a flat-screen HDTV system, Crutchfield is with you every step of the way. You’ll find videos and installation guides for your car audio and video, home theater equipment, and cameras and camcorders. If you have a specific question, jump on the forums or the Crutchfield blog for the right answer.


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