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Your reviewer is guilty of many things, but here is one—being a victim of the Hotmail craze. I still have my Hotmail account as my personal email address. MSN is one of those sites that literally has everything, almost overwhelmingly: news on current events, food, movies, music, and, of course, Hotmail. It has a link for “Maps and Directions.” It has the current temperature and weather conditions of whatever city you might be in. It has spawned a plethora of sub-websites, such as Livesearch and MSN chat. It has so much, it might as well your stomping grounds—if, that is, you use Hotmail and other Microsoft services. Because you can check your stocks, because you can do your shopping, and because it’s so damn easy to do all that, MSN is Microsoft’s web-child that will never go out of style so long as there’s an Internet to be surfed.

Visit MSN.

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