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Oh snap! Another celeb was just busted for looking like a dork in an retro school picture. What? Where? Oh, I found the incriminating photo on Digg. Digg is a website where you can find the funniest, strangest, and most relevant news articles, photos, and videos on the web, as voted by web surfers. There’s not really any other way to keep track of this diverse a set of articles; after all, Digg is leveraging the brainpower of the world to ensure the best (or most interesting, or most useful, or just plain weird or funny) articles get posted and move up Digg’s rankings. Yeah, it’s sort of a guilty pleasure, but what are you going to do? At Digg, the articles are sorted by popularity, by how many votes (or “diggs”) they get, and also by how recent they are. Digg also provides a sidebar for more specific searches, like gaming and entertainment. There’s even a tab for all things “offbeat.” Can you dig it?

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