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The Huffington Post

Feeling overloaded by the dumbed-down media on your TV? The Huffington Post is a news website that offers information about current events in gregarious amounts. If you’re not startled by the huge headline at the top of the homepage, just scroll down and you’re bound to find something that deserves your attention. There are nearly limitless blog posts by people famous, near-famous, and not-famous-at-all, including celebrities you never even realized were able to think deep thoughts, much less commit them to writing. There are so many captioned pictures that you’re likely to think, “This must have been a coding nightmare.” There is the “Huffpost’s Big News Page,” with headlines made to make you stop scrolling for a second (“Terrorism,” “Michael Phelps”). And, of course, there’s the “links” section, a compendious selection of sources. If your information can’t fly at you fast enough on your television, take a seat and develop that hunching-over problem your orthopedist warned you about by spending hours on Huffington Post. With the exception of any medical bills, you won’t be dissatisfied.


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