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Years ago, conversations occurred over dinner tables and at cocktail parties, and while those occasions still transpire, you will also find an inordinate amount of talk, chatter, and word-spewing, as well as thoughtful commentary, at the world’s blogs. And where do you learn what’s being discussed in the blogosphere? At Technorati, where you’re able to track and search the millions of blogs out there. Every bit of recent information and everyone’s two-cents about it can be found here in one form or another, from how the Cowboys size up against the Seahawks to why Portugal is leading the way in the electric car market. Current headlines are all the rage on the cat’s pajamas of blog-sites: the front page is not just the front page, it’s also called “what’s percolating in blogs now.” In a country where, according to eMarketer, the majority the Internet-savvy population reads blogs and plenty of people write them, too, perhaps checking out the literal Brainiac of blog-sites is worth a glance or two.

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