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Politico became the place to get political news during the 2008 presidential election. It was started by two of the Washington Post’s best political reporters, and they quickly added a large collection of driven, connected talent. The website exploits these connections by giving you more than just the daily events. They focus on what they call “backstories” that illustrate the personalities, histories and power struggles that go into Washington politics. Politico also moves away from stuffy political news stories and brings attitude to its coverage, encouraging humor, personality and insight in its articles. Every reporter there carries a camera as well, so the site is full of multimedia content to enhance its coverage. There is a print version you can subscribe to, or get free around the Capitol Hill area, called The Politico, but for the rest of us the website has all the news, blogs, political gossip columns and more that we could ever want.

Visit Politico.

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