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Social networking built around internet video, and that’s the idea behind Vimeo. This video-sharing site has distinguished itself from YouTube in some major ways. The emphasis here is on high quality. You will find some talking dog videos, but Vimeo’s uploading guidelines and high-def capacity draws much more of the artsy and documentary video crowd. Old episodes of South Park are not allowed on here. Where Vimeo really stands out is through the communities created around the videos. You can create a profile page and find groups of like-minded viewers to share videos with. Use these groups to find the videos you are looking for or to target your videos straight to the people who will appreciate them, then discuss them in the forums. The first group you might want to check out is The Best Indie Filmmakers. Start from there, then go exploring and see why they put “me” in the middle of Vimeo.

Visit Vimeo.

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