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3 reasons to love Snow Leopard

A couple years back, I wrote a column with an immodest proposal: Companies like Apple and Microsoft should put all new features and functionality on hold for five years and focus on stability and simplicity.

OK, it was a crazy idea (and I wasn’t entirely serious, of course), but you get my drift: Too much software is too complicated and too buggy.

Well, with Snow Leopard, the latest version of the Macintosh operating system, Apple is doing things right. They’re focusing on improving what they’ve got, for the most part, rather than trying to see if it can do more more more. Snow Leopard isn’t about flashy new features, and that’s fine with me.

  1. Less is more
    Like a lot of people, I’m fed up with complicated technology, feature bloat, and software that claims to do a lot but doesn’t. So with Snow Leopard, Apple is taking a less-is-more approach, and producing a product that’s faster, more stable, and takes up less space.
  2. The price is right
    An operating system upgrade, for $29? I’ll take it.
  3. Improvements at the edges
    You want new features? Snow Leopard’s got them—they’re just not big, whiz-bang ones. But for now, we’ll take stability and simplicity over whiz-bang wonders.


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