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3 best digital cameras for kids

Kids love digital photography, and if you’ve got a camera in your house—and if you’re a parent, you do!—then they’re probably looking to snap images with yours.

But do you really want your lovable (yet clumsy) four-year-old to use your camera? Even if it’s a durable model, the controls may stymie him.

A variety of kids cameras are available, and even if some of them have ridiculously downgraded features, that doesn’t necessarily matter. Kids aren’t necessarily looking to create masterworks with these cameras; instead, they’re hoping to experiment with digital photography. And experiment they will.

Just shop around: If you have a child who’s adept with technology, responsible, and around eight or nine years old, it may make more sense to buy an older-model camera that’s on sale, rather than one that’s designed for kids.

Also check out our list of the three best video cameras for kids.

  • Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera
    Durable and easy-to-handle, this is a camera that’s clearly made for a kid. In fact, if your child is older than 10, he or she might find this one a bit too kid-like. Image resolution tops out at 1.3-megapixels, and there’s a 1.5-inch color LCD screen for previewing images.
  • Vtech Kidizoom Plus
    The camera takes photos of just .3-megapixels, and it requires four AA batteries, but its design says fun, fun, fun to little kids.
  • Digital Blue U-Turn
    The snazzy look of this camera will likely appeal to savvy preteens aiming to impress their friends, as will the on-camera chance to morph images in fun and wild ways.

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