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The Splendid Table

Science has shown that there are unhealthy side effects of staring at computer screens for hours at a time. What should the die-hard food blog-a-holics do, then? The Splendid Table may be the answer. Not only does the site have the recipes, newsletter, and reviews that one expects from any food website worth its salt, but it also has audible content. As a companion to the public radio series of the same name, the Splendid Table has MP3’s of interviews from the on-air show, as well as selected songs. You can even download a weekly podcast of the radio show. A unique feature of the site is a contest called Gastrosexual of the Month, where men and women who use food as a method of seduction compete with their best come-hither kitchen skills. This website cuts the mustard, so log on, read up, and listen in.

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