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Is it a game? Is it a restaurant guide? Answer: it’s a little of both. Foodspotting focuses not on the restaurant but on the food it serves. It’s sort of a scavenger hunt that lets you eat the prizes as you find them. The site’s rules are complex, so bear with me: first, register. That’s easy enough. Next, check out the guides, created by users like you. Some recent guides include Must Eat in Vancouver and Sonoma County Restaurant Week; as a Foodspotter, if you order one of the dishes listed on a guide, take a picture and post it, earning points — and the opportunity to win a gift certificate. The terminology includes “sightings,” “wants,” “noms” (nominations), and “reputation points.” Get enough of each and you’ll become a “champion.” Enough explaining; we all know the proof is in the pudding. Get registered and start Foodspotting!

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