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If you’re in the mood for authentic Italian fare, don’t rush to buy a plane ticket — check Gustiamo first. On this site, you’ll find the finest products from artisans all over Italy. Mediocrity gets the boot, as Gustiamo’s stamp of approval is only given to a fortunate few judged to have impeccable quality. According to the website, Gustiamo’s founders have “opinionated and uncompromising” palates, developed over years of eating old-world Italian cooking at home. Choose which region of Italy you would like your food to come from and which type of dish you’d like to order: oil and vinegar, pasta and rice, landfood, seafood, or sweets and coffee. The site is a smorgasbord of tastiness. A newsletter, a blog, and a collection of family recipes for everything from soup to sweets are available for perusal, and a variety of gift baskets is available. Flat-rate shipping and a next-day delivery guarantee are as tempting as the recipe for tiramisu. For the discriminating foodie who appreciates quality at any cost, this site is perfetto.

Visit Gustiamo.

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