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We have all heard about the benefits of eating organic food, but most of us have no idea where to start. Jo Robinson has been a leading proponent of grass-fed meat and wild produce for years. Her website, Eatwild, is an organized reference for shifting your focus to natural, wild food. The best feature of the site is easily the database of places to find wild food. There are listings of pasture-based farms where you can find meat, dairy, eggs, seafood, and honey. Just click on the picture of your state and start searching for farms. If there are none in your area, check the database of farms that ship their products. After that, check out Robinson’s articles and links to studies and news about wild food, or browse cookbooks and kitchen supplies. We don’t need to be intimidated by new kinds of food anymore. It’s a wild world out there, but help has arrived.

Visit Eatwild.

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