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The Foaming Head

Beer is as American as the picture on the label of every bottle of Samuel Adams, in which Paul Revere is lifting a pint to us (Adams was allegedly too ugly to put on the label). It is known that the Founding Fathers brewed and drank a good deal of beer themselves (it tended to be cleaner than the water back then). The Foaming Head grabs onto this patriotic spirit and celebrates the American craft brew. Check out this site to stay up to date on what is going on in the American brewing world, with contests from Samuel Adams and spotlights on award-winning new breweries like The Bruery. The Foaming Head is split into three parts: a main website and two blogs, one dedicated to American craft brews and the other to New York craft brews. Read articles and reviews of beer and see an extensive list of American breweries. Patriotic American beer is just what Adams, Revere, and the rest of our beer-loving Founding Fathers would have wanted.


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