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The Kitchn might just be your dream blog: high-gloss photographs, sophisticated layout, and daily (sometimes multiple) posts, written by a variety of accomplished bloggers. In fact, it feels more like a magazine than a blog. There are plenty of recipes, indexed by cuisine, but the daily articles focus on occasion and mood: the calming effect of kneading bread dough, weekend dinner parties, or recipes for using up leftovers. Then there are tutorials that show you how to enhance your kitchen with items lying around the house — for instance, making a blender out of a Mason jar. And tours of renovated kitchens will make you green with envy (if you don’t have plans or a large budget for renovations, you might want to stay away from this section). The Marketplace section shows you where you can purchase the pictured furnishings. This is a blog for people looking to improve their lives through food, incorporating what they’ve already got.

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