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3 top features of Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion isn’t one of those forget-about-it, yawn-inducing operating system upgrades. It’s a major one, with big features—both the kind consumers love, and also behind-the-scenes ones for technical types. There’s a lot to it, with over 250 new features. You may want a book about it, like a new Dummies book about Mac OS X Lion, but how about a very quick, very brief preview of three standout features.

  1. Full-screen apps
    Let’s face it: Apps, of the type available on the iPhone and iPad, are just a pleasure to use, and it’s partly because you give your full attention to them. Lion brings full-screen apps to the Macintosh.
  2. Mission Control
    There’s a lot happening on your computer, and sometimes you just need to have a way of seeing what you’ve got going on. That’s the idea behind Mission Control.
  3. Versions and Auto Save
    Have you lost documents? Of course you have. (Who hasn’t?) With Versions and Auto Save, Lion gives you auto-saving of your work, as well as a way to go back and see changes you’ve made.



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