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60+ ways to make Dropbox incredibly useful

Dropbox, the cloud-based file-storing service, is becoming indispensable to plenty of people, myself including. If I’ve got a file I want to keep handy, I just drop it into my Dropbox folder, and there it is. Of course, that’s just the surface of what’s possible with Dropbox.

Macworld’s got something of a crowdsourced uber-list of the possibilities for Dropbox, and it’s just awesome.

Here’s just a sample of the tips:

  1. Grocery lists
    “Keep your grocery list as a text file in Dropbox, where it will be accessible from anywhere via a smartphone or an iPad. You can add to it from anywhere; if you share it, so can your housemates, say.”
  2. Menus
    “Post PDFs of the menus (take-out or otherwise) for local restaurants in a shared Dropbox folder, and then use that to coordinate meals out with friends and family.”
  3. Notes
    “Store all your plain-text notes in Dropbox. Plain text is the ideal cross-platform format, and there are many, many text editors (for both OS X and iOS) that are Dropbox-friendly.”

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