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Almost 20 years of Web100

Web100 is closing after 20 years of curating the best of the web.

Continue Reading helps you record your life

“Record your life. Store it forever.” That’s the motto of startup

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Disconnecting is all the rage, even in Silicon Valley

Judging from the stories at the Huffington Post and the New York Times, disconnecting is a fad among technology CEOs.

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Organize and share your Kindle highlights (and more) with Findings

Is reading social? And if it is, how social? That’s one of the topics, among others, in a series of interviews at the blog for Findings, a startup that’s all about quotations, highlights, and annotations from books (and elsewhere).

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Timeline Cover Maker will help you add style to your Facebook Timeline

Got a dull Facebook Timeline? You can do something about that.

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3 AirPlay speakers for wonderful wireless sound

Apple’s AirPlay technology lets you stream music through your home, and do it wirelessly. Pretty cool, right? Full access to your iTunes library, without the hassles of wires. Though it’s been around a while now, we’re only now starting to see a variety of wireless AirPlay speakers.

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50 best classic toys of all time

You don’t need to buy your kid an iPod touch. Or a Wii. Or any of the other gadgets competing for your child’s attention. If you really want your kids to use their imaginations, think about buying a classic toy as a gift.

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7 alternatives to Netflix

Plenty of people are unhappy with Netflix, which split its DVD service from its streaming video service—and then reversed the decision. Confused by what Netflix is doing? There are alternatives. Here are seven of them.

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3 easy-to-use tools for creating movies and videos

I’m really into movie editing tools, especially those that are relatively easy to use, such as iMovie, but even the tools meant for amateurs require a certain degree of experience—and time—to generate decent results. Fortunately, there’s a solution to this, in the form of tools that essentially do the magic of video editing for you.

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100 best iPhone photography apps

You may know about Hipstamatic and Instagram, but that’s just the start for iPhone photography. Here’s a list of the top 100 iPhone photography apps.

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