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Love and Obstacles

“Love and Obstacles”

In his collection of short stories “Love and Obstacles,” Aleksander Hemon renders lost youth and an extinct Sarajevo without oppressive nostalgia.

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The Ask: A Novel

“The Ask”

With a brand of satire rarely found in American literature, Sam Lipsyte serves his audience “The Ask,” a bundle of rank truths, no cherry.

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Await Your Reply: A Novel

“Await Your Reply”

The construction and embodiment of identity is assiduously scrutinized by Dan Chaon in his new novel “Await Your Reply.”

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Lark and Termite (Vintage Contemporaries)

“Lark and Termite”

Jayne Anne Phillips’ novel “Lark and Termite” entrances readers with its distinct, sensual descriptions and unfamiliar characters.

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