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A Friend of the Family

“A Friend of the Family”

Pete Dizinhoff’s righteous contentment with the life of suburban comfort he has built falters in “A Friend of the Family.”

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A Gate at the Stairs

“A Gate at the Stairs”

The compelling Tassie Keltjin comes of age in Lorrie Moore’s long-awaited novel, “A Gate at the Stairs.”

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Summertime: Fiction


In “Summertime,” Coetzee blurs the lines between truth and fiction to examine his own life.

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Shadow Tag: A Novel

“Shadow Tag”

The complexities of love and hatred, truth and fiction, are managed with exquisite skill in “Shadow Tag” by Louise Erdrich.

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The focus of Paul Yoon’s debut collection, “Once the Shore,” is a single, fictional island in the South Pacific. The tales unfurl at a measured pace, the calculation never distracting from the vibrancy of the descriptions. “[Yoon] explores what is said between people and what is unspeakable, the ways people attempt to connect and the ways they disappoint one another, and the impact of the stories—and the lies—we tell ourselves, each other,” says The Rumpus. In lovely, sparse prose, Yoon portrays the lives of people torn between the old ways and the possibilities of the new. “Most of the collection’s characters move through events with a resignation or forbearance rare in contemporary fiction. ‘Once the Shore’ is the work of a large and quiet talent,” writes the New York Times. Yoon’s characters do not thrive on action but on the strength of the author’s insight, patience, and arresting descriptions.

“Once The Shore”

Paul Yoon’s debut collection, “Once the Shore,” entrances the reader with its unhurried observations and stark but dazzling prose.

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Both Ways Is the Only Way I Want It

“Both Ways Is the Only Way I Want It”

“Both Ways is the Only Way I Want It” approaches the difficulties of human relations in the controlled voice of Maile Meloy.

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The Age of Wonder: The Romantic Generation and the Discovery of the Beauty and Terror of Science (Vintage)

“The Age of Wonder”

In “The Age of Wonder,” Richard Holmes draws compelling links between the discoveries of 19th-century British scientists and their poetic contemporaries.

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The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right

“The Checklist Manifesto”

“The Checklist Manifesto” demonstrates, with solid prose and plenty of gore, how the medical field can avoid deaths without spending a dime.

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Dearest Creature (Poets, Penguin)

“Dearest Creature”

The vibrant wit and clever twists of Amy Gerstler’s poems make “Dearest Creature” a must-read.

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C. P. Cavafy: Collected Poems

“The Collected Poems of C. P. Cavafy”

“The Collected Poems of C.P. Cavafy,” translated by Daniel Mendelsohn, renders the poet’s exquisite Greek ruminations in analogous English.

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