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5 smartwatches you can buy now

Get ready for the advent of the smartwatch. These watches can be connected to our phones, they can alert us to incoming messages, and they can even be used as remote controls for a variety of other gadgets.

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6 great accessories for the iPad mini

An arcade for your iPad mini? A stylus? Yes, now that you own an iPad mini, it’s time to think about the accessories to buy for it.

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Never lose your keys with the Proximo Proximity system

Technology can do a lot for us, and now it’s promising to help us from losing our keys. Really.

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With Kickstarter, you can experience the vicarious thrill of helping to fund wonderfully creative new products dreamed up by artists, designers and inventors from around the country.

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Top 10 cliff dives

Diving can be beautiful, breathtakingly so, and that’s just what you’ll see in these astonishing cliff dives.

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