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“Parrot dancing to Willow Smith’s ‘Whip My Hair'”

Great timing and exceptional moves by this lovable parrot who whips his hair, er, feathers like a pro!

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“Barack Obama on ‘Ellen'”

US President Barack Obama shows off his groovin dance moves when he guests on Ellen DeGeneres’ TV show.

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“Hot Salsa Dog”

How do you get what you want? Watch how this cute dog dances to get his way—to get inside the house, of course!

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“Dancing Down the Aisle”

This wedding party proves that weddings don’t have to be boring, with its fun and entertaining dance down the aisle.

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“The Star Wars Kid”

It’s painfully funny to watch, but it embodies what often makes a video viral: Finding humor and/or entertainment at the sake of others.

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“Where the Hell is Matt?”

The answer: Cheerfully dancing his way across the globe and documenting it on YouTube for everyone to see.

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“Evolution of Dance”

Judson Laipply made a name for himself with his six-minute video of dances that spans five decades of pop music.

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