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Eight White Nights: A Novel

“Eight White Nights”

Guy and girl meet. Guy and girl fall in love. It’s a familiar story, made unique by the Proustian prose of Andre Aciman’s novel “Eight White Nights.”

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Where the God of Love Hangs Out: Fiction

“Where the Love God Hangs Out”

“Where the God of Love Hangs Out” dishes out love and repercussions in Amy Bloom’s candid collection of short stories.

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Love and Obstacles

“Love and Obstacles”

In his collection of short stories “Love and Obstacles,” Aleksander Hemon renders lost youth and an extinct Sarajevo without oppressive nostalgia.

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Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned: Stories

“Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned”

Wells Tower delves into the lives of fathers, sons, brothers, and ex-husbands struggling to love and survive in the depths of Wild America.

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