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Stuff White People Like

Has political correctness has gone too far? It’s hard to imagine that’s the case with the existence of Stuff White People Like, a blog that throws political correctness to the wind with its humorously stereotypical list of things that white people have been known to enjoy. The list features such topics as “Grammar,” “The Ivy League” and “Threatening to Move to Canada,” all with a healthy dose of snark. In “#3 Film Festivals,” the blog’s creator, Christian Lander, writes “75% of white people believe they either have the potential to or will become filmmakers/screenwriters/directors at some point.” For those of you on the go, a portion of Stuff White People Like was recently published as a book. If you can get past the initial urge to be offended, the site is a hilarious read that turns racism on its head for both white and non-white people alike.


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