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2 blog networks ruling the world of online niche humor

If you’re up-to-speed on your Internet memes, you’re likely familiar with LOLcats, those pictures of cats enhanced by hilarious and intentionally misspelled captions, made popular by the blog I Can Has Cheezburger.

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“That Old Cape Magic”

In “That Old Cape Magic,” Pulitzer Prize-winner Richard Russo tackles the age-old fear of turning into one’s parents.

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Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi: A Novel

“Jeff in Venice, Death in Varnasi”

“Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi” is a brilliant satire vacillating between ancient and modern worlds and tribulations.

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This Is Where I Leave You

“This Is Where I Leave You”

Jonathan Tropper’s fifth novel reinvents the dysfunctional family with cutting one-liners and laugh-out-loud humor that, despite everything, brings out the best in his characters.

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The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Climb on The Pioneer Woman’s covered wagon for hilarious anecdotes, luscious photographs, and step-by-step instructions for preparing mouthwatering meals.

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Foodgoat is an entertaining blog documenting one family’s life as it relates (or barely relates) to food.

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The Amateur Gourmet

The Amateur Gourmet is an appealing food blog that entices visitors with a smooth blend of humor and knowledge.

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Stuff White People Like

A snarky and stereotypical look at the culture of white people. Best read while listening to NPR in your Toyota Prius.

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The popular webcomic mixes romance and geek culture for the perfect blend of Digg-worthy comedy.

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Toothpaste For Dinner

There’s nothing wrong with laughing at the misery and idiocy of other people, especially if they’re hand-drawn cartoon characters.

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