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10 gadget recommendations from CIO

CIO, a publication for technology execs, has a list that’s suited for gadget-loving info-tech types: “10 Cool Gadgets We Really, Really Want.” This holiday gift guide covers the best in technology with gizmos that are handheld, personal, wafer-thin, and colorful.

Check out  FLO TV’s Personal Television, a 3.5-inch TV that you can take with you anywhere. The TV broadcasts live shows and includes all the most popular cable channels like MTV, ESPN, and Nickelodeon.

Or maybe, if you’re weary of lugging around a heavy laptop, think about the  Samsung Go N310 Notebook, which comes in four fun colors: Midnight, Jet Black, Mint Blue, and Sunset Orange. Despite its petite size, the laptop features a 10-inch LED-backlit screen and a spacious keyboard.

Have you ever wished for more screen and less border? This season, LG is releasing a “borderless” HDTV with a screen covered entirely in glass. To top it off, the  LG SL90 HDTV also boasts a 1.5-inch-thick panel, making it one of the thinnest ever made.

And there’s more, too. Read the full article at CIO.

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