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Is the BBC just about the UK? Far from it. The BBC caters to a truly global audience, releasing hundreds of news bulletins a day in over forty different languages. What’s more, the BBC specializes in the sort of background, context, and in-depth reporting that’s often lacking in our celebrity-obsessed, blog-driven culture. At the BBC, even the most politically complex topic can be processed into an accessible piece of journalism once it has passed through the hands of BBC’s talented staff of journalists. With scores of bureaus, the network strives to be the best in covering the globe. Because of the BBC, thousands of lesser-known stories have been uncovered, from the streets of Westminster to the underground tombs of Cairo. And in addition to providing a complete news package for readers, the website features a program called Country Profiles, which can be navigated by either the country’s name or the territory on the continent. This is a highly useful resource for visitors who are unfamiliar with a country’s current leaders, political factions, major religions, and current global standing. Meanwhile, BBC’s interactive guides analyze news over period of time; for instance, one video maps the progression of swine flu around the globe and another profiles the development of the global broadband network. These provide the analysis visitors need to truly comprehend the hot topics of the day.

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