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“Husky Dog Talking: ‘I love you'”

Don’t you sometimes wish your pet could talk? Well, this one does—and gives back your love too!

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“Heroic Measures”

Jill Ciment’s whirlwind novel involves disease, terrorist attacks, and an unforgettable elderly couple from New York.

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“Westies Playing Tag”

Cunning and strategy. Words not usually associated with a friendly game of tag between two adorable West Highland Terriers.

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“Dog Bites His Own Leg”

This classic video from TV’s “AFV” never ceases to provoke the question, “Why is that dog so angry at his own leg?”

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“‘Paper Planes’ with Cats and Dogs”

The attitude of M.I.A.’s hit song combines with a wildly popular Internet meme for a quirky and funny clash of worlds.

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Doctors Foster and Smith

Your pets deserve the best, right? Here’s a superstore and super-resource for cats, dogs, and beyond.

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From cats and dogs to fish and reptiles, PetSmart delivers an expansive collection of pet-related products.

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