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Reddit brings together the best news, video, and more from across the web, using a model where users submit and rate stories.

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Delicious is a slick and savvy alternative to your browser’s bookmarks, and a social one, too, letting you learn what others are bookmarking.

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Obsessed with something? This site helps you meet up with other people, in real places (like bars and restaurants), to share your enthusiasms.

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7 tools for becoming a superstar of online sharing

You can hardly read a webpage these days without stumbling on a reminder to “share” what you’re reading, followed by a bunch of funny-looking little icons.

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This Next

Discover new products, get suggestions of things to buy, and rave about the products you’re purchasing.

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Shopping is a decidedly social activity, and Kaboodle brings the social side of the shopping experience to the web.

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Web100 is the Internet, organized.